“ Care Beyond Cure ”

“ Health and wellbeing till the last breath, is the right of every human being ”. Mother Teresa Palliative care services is a patient centred service which aims at the last moments of life as comfortable and peaceful as possible. It helps to reduce pain, isolation and fear of bed ridden and terminally ill patients by making them to feel loved and cared.

Our Paths to Palliative Care:

  • Personal Nursing Care with kindness and love.
  • Medical Services to affirm the quality of life.
  • Counselling Services to reduce the sense of fear and isolation.
  • Spiritual Services to be comforted by the Divine intervention.
  • Ambulance Services for quick access to treatment.
  • Mobile Clinic Services to reach out the bed-ridden for home assisted living.

We can make a Difference Together.

Make a Donation- Spending Money to ease Someone's Pain is a Blessing and Opportunity to let know the Wounded World that God is still at Work. “ You are invited to become a partner of KKSSS as donor, Volunteer and Consultant ”